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End The Button Confusion

End The Button Confusion

Have you ever noticed that many of the custom toolbar buttons you’ve added have the exact same image?

I have—I added a button that takes me to the New window you see when you use the File menu, New choice in MS Word.

Unfortunately, it’s identical to the New button that opens a blank document from the Normal template.

So, what can you do?

Change the button image.

Yes, you read it right! ou can change the button image!

One way is to recolor the image. (To see instructions for this visit our archives at http://www.worldstart.com/archives/index.htm [1] and check out the October 24, 2002 issue.)

Another way is to change the image on the button altogether.

Yes, once again, you read that right—you can do that too!

To change a button image you first need to open the Customize window. (Either right-click over a toolbar and pick Customize from the bottom of the pop-up menu or go to the Tools menu, Customize choice.)

Now go to the specific button you wish to change and right-click.

From the pop-up menu go to the Change Button Image sub-menu.


You should find a selection of images to choose from. Pick one and click on it.

Finally, close the Customize window.

(If you decide you want the original image back simply repeat the process and choose Reset Button Image from the menu.)

So, there you have it, MS Office with your own “special touch”. Happy redecorating!