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Energy Fiend

Well, an interesting title like that makes you wonder what the site is about! You can find caffeine-related information here, as well as blogger-style updates and articles.

They did a study linking caffeine and obesity. You can read about that here. Are you ready for the fun part of the site? Click “Death By Caffeine”. Start by picking your poison — your drink of choice. Enter your weight in pounds or kilograms, and then click “Kill Me”. This will tell you how many cans or cups of your chosen beverage you’d have to drink in order to consume an amount of caffeine that would, well, kill you.

I chose one of my drinks of choice — Coca Cola Classic. Result?

“After 341.25 cans of Coca-Cola Classic, you’d be pushing up daisies.”

Are you snacker, not a sipper? Find the lethal dose of caffeine for your favorite caffeinated mints, candy bars, and chocolates by clicking “Death by Penguin Mints”.

Example: “It would take 2,900.63 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to put you down.”

Well, I can guarantee that I can’t eat that many peanut butter cups in a row. I think I’m safe for now.

So don’t be found over-dosed on caffeine. Check out your favorite foods. Now! Before it’s too late!