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Are you looking for a way to promote yourself? Need a landing page in case someone googles you? Want to keep your professional achievements in an easy one page profile? Well then, Enthuse might just be for you! 

When you arrive at the site, scroll down the main page, and check out all the information they provide you with about the site. They cover why you’d want to use the site (sharing achievements, making it easy to contact you, etc.) and shows great examples with images of each way you can use it.

Once you’re ready to start building your profile click the Get Started button. You have the option of signing up with your e-mail address or connecting to the site via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Since this is job related I chose to connect via LinkedIn.  You’ll then provide your username, e-mail address, full name, and a headline. 

Next you’ll be whisked away to your page. It’s so easy to edit, you just click and type! Follow the arrows around the page to make sure you hit all the fields.  Mine is very bare bones, but you can check it out  here [1]. I’ll probably fill it out more once it gets closer to PHD application time. 

Then once you have completed your profile and added any of the array of information about yourself, you can also make connections. You can invite people to follow you, or search for people you know in the User Directory. These help boost your ratings in search results and build a professional network. 

Go check it out for yourself today!

http://www.enthuse.me/ [2]