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Envelope Printing in MS Word

Have an envelope attached to a Word document? You know, when you’ve added to the document and it appears above the first page?

Ever find that you have trouble getting just the envelope to print?

You keep returning to the Print dialog box and telling it to print only page 1 (since the envelope is first you’ve assumed that it’s counted as “page 1″). Unfortunately all this gives you is the first page of the actual document.

Obviously, repeating the process won’t help… it may drive you crazy but it won’t improve your situation.

So now what?

Well, I have two suggestions today.

First, when you go to the Print dialog box (Ctrl + P) choose to print just Page 0 (zero).


Second suggestion is to click into the envelope and choose to print the Current Page (found just above where you can choose to print page 0).

Either way your printer should spit out just the envelope… assuming you aren’t like me and actually remembered to load one into the printer!

Oh yeah… one more thing (just in case it hasn’t occurred to you yet)… since you’re in the Print dialog box to do this, where you can choose how many to print, it’s also the way you can easily get multiple copies of the same envelope without printing them one at a time!

~ April