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Envelopes and Labels with Pizzazz

Envelopes and Labels with Pizzazz

Have you ever found yourself in MS Word’s Envelopes and Labels window, desperately trying to change a font, but with no luck?

You probably noticed that the ways you make those changes in your document are locked to you. As long as that window is open, you’re not going to have access to the Format menu or any of the drop down menus you’re accustomed to using.

So, now what?

You could choose to create an entire page of the labels and then work with font changes on the entire document. Or, with an envelope, you could have the envelope added to the document and make alterations there.

But, what if you just wanted to quickly print straight from the Envelopes and Labels window, without making major changes to your document?

Do you give up and print the boring old envelope or label as it is?

No. Never give up!

While you’re in the Envelopes and Labels window, all you need to remember is to right click.

Right click?

Yep, a right click does the trick.

In any of the address boxes on either the Envelope or Label tab, just simply right click.

The pop up menu should be short and sweet and to the point. You’re looking for the Font choice at the bottom.

(On the Envelope tab, you can get to the font window through the Options button, but let’s face it, one right click is much quicker!)

If you already have text in the address box, highlight the text that needs to be changed before you right click.

At any rate, once you’ve chosen Font from the pop up menu, you’ll be taken to the Font window where you can make the same changes you can make to the text of a document.

When you’ve made all the changes you need, just click OK.

You’ll then be returned to the Envelopes and Labels window to continue on your merry little way!

~ April