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Eternal Egypt

This is by far one of the most thorough sites on Ancient Egypt. You can use the plain text version of the site, you can use the ultra-spiffy multimedia version of the site, or you can use the guided tour option.

The guided tour was very neat and an efficient walk through of the site. I highly recommend it. But I am also a big fan of surfing around a site on my own and just discovering.

While you are discovering it for yourself let me point out a few of the really great things. The biggest thing for me was the Highlights area underneath the Welcome area. Here you will find four pictures of different objects. My favorite of the four is the necklace or pectoral with cross. Click the image to learn more about these objects. I chose the pectoral with small cross, and will use it as my example. Here you will learn the definitions of certain words like pectoral, and Coptic, and you will learn about the materials the object is made of and why it was made of those materials. If you click the image to zoom you will need Shockwave, but you can zoom in and out on the image then and really get some great details.

Now on the other side of the Welcome area is a side menu that is chocked full of things for you to do and explore. You will find the sections Connections, Timeline, Map, Multimedia, Library, Topics, Type, Sites and Museums, Search, and Digital Guide.

The Connections section was utterly fascinating. It shows how just about everything was interconnected. Their introduction for the section definitely sums it up much better than I can so I will just share it with you.

“The artifacts, characters, and places that define Egypt are connected to each other in complex and fascinating ways. Connections allows you to explore Eternal Egypt—discovering how an artifact is related to a character, how that character is related to a place, and so on. Follow paths by clicking images or titles to learn more. As you click, your stops along the way are remembered so that you can revisit items of interest. You can use the controls to adjust what is displayed.”

I must have spent 3 hours in this section just exploring the different ways things could go and having a terrific time just learning. Which brings me to my next thought; wouldn’t this be a great site for you to share with the kids?

http://www.eternalegypt.org/ [1]