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Eternal Moonwalk

Eternal Moonwalk [1]

One thing you can certainly say about the legacy that Michael Jackson left behind when he passed away, is that he inspired generations of people to get out there and dance.

Eternal Moonwalk is a Michael Jackson Tribute site that taps right into that dance legacy. Users from all over the world have submitted videos of the moonwalk. Those videos have been put into a strip, and flow effortlessly into each other creating an eternal moonwalk.

The footage starts with the original – Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk before it switches into people from all over the globe. I was sad that submissions for videos of people doing the moonwalk were already closed but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the finished project.

You should still click the Submit Your Own Moonwalk Now button if you want to learn to do the moonwalk – there is a link to an excellent video that teaches you how to do it. It will even open in another tab so that you don’t have to close out of the site to view it.

Beneath the film strip, you’ll find buttons: S, D, F, J, K, L, and a speaker button. They each play different sound effects, and the speaker button lets you turn the sound on and off.

I’m not sure how many videos there are. They are all numbered, and I saw one in the 13,000 range. You can use the search engine to search for different videos. Just type in a number and click the Go button. If they have a video for your number it’ll be placed next in the queue.

I think it’s time I learn how to do the moonwalk!

http://eternalmoonwalk.com/ [1]