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Even More Yahoo! IM Features

Even More Yahoo! IM Features

So, you think you’re an expert instant messenger on Yahoo! Messenger? Yes, you may now know the basic essentials of instant messaging, chatting, initiating voice conversations, sharing photos and sending files, but is that really all there is to it? You may have even discovered the special features in Yahoo! like the IMVironments, Audibles and the online games you can play with other people all around the world, but Yahoo! Messenger has even more than that to offer! For example, the settings available can help you set up your appearance as an online user and they can even enable certain users to see you differently than others. Let’s check it all out!

The first basic option available is to choose your setting. This option appears at the top of the messenger page, right before where your buddies are listed. By clicking on the downward arrow next to what usually will read “Available,” you can choose a status ranging from “Busy” to “Not at my Desk” and so on. You can even choose “Invisible to Everyone,” where you will actually appear invisible to all the users that appear on your buddy list and anyone else who has your screenname. If none of the away messages available are to your liking, you can select the option of “New Status Message,” which enables you to type the message you want others to see next to your name. Cool, huh?!

Now, what if you want to be invisible to certain users, but visible to others? Well, there is a certain feature that enables you to do just that. By right clicking on a user’s name, a list of options will pop up in a window. If you click on Stealth Settings, which appears toward the bottom of the list, there are three options available for that selection: Appear Online to User, Appear Offline to User and Appear Permanently Offline to User. The last option means the user will never see you online. If you want to appear online to only one user, all you have to do is click on the first option for that particular user. You get the general idea!

Right clicking the user’s name makes it a lot easier to access different features, rather than going to the main menu. It makes the entire process much more straightforward. For instance, in the same window, you can view the contact details of the user, send them an instant message or an SMS (text message), view their profile or message archive (which logs all of your conversations with that person) and view your voice messages and call history if you have any. It does it all!

Also, by clicking on More Actions under the tab that pops up, you can right click the user’s name and from there, you can enable the same options that pop up when you open an instant message box with that user. These options include sending a file, sharing photos, playing a game, viewing their Webcam and sending an invite to a conference chat. The possibilities are endless! The great thing about Yahoo! Messenger is that with all the options and features it has to offer, there are many different ways and places to access them from. So, if you’re ever looking for something, it won’t be too difficult to find. Oh yeah!

If you’d like to check out these features in Yahoo! Messenger for yourself, you can download it right here.


~ Sheida