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Evenly Spaced Dates in MS Excel

or two weeks… or maybe just every other day…

Ever find that you need to have a list of dates that are evenly spaced apart. Maybe Wednesday of this week and the dates of all the Wednesdays that follow?

Whatever the pattern of the dates, it sure would be nice to not need a calendar or counting day-by-day to find them all the time.

And, in fact, if you’re an Excel user then you don’t need to use that calendar after all. All you really need is a little bit of formula knowledge and you’re on your way.

To get a list of evenly spaced dates you begin by placing the first date into a cell – for the sake of our example let’s use cell A1 and say that we need the dates to be exactly two weeks apart.

The next step is to create a formula in the cell where you want the next date to be placed… let’s say cell A2.

In cell A2 you’ll use the formula:

=A1 + 14

(Obviously 14 is replaced by whatever span of time you need to use.)

To get a longer list use the fill handle to drag down the column as far as you need.

Voila! A list of evenly spaced dates – not calendar or counting involved!