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Everything Search Engine


We recently ran a tip called Free Stuff, where I provided a partial list of the best free software installed in my computer, and readers were invited to suggest their own favorite freeware. You were not shy, and we received many good recommendations. Thank you. Several of the suggestions had already been covered in earlier tips, but some were new to me and worked very well. One of those is the Everything Search Engine from voidtools. This handy little freeware tool offers an incredibly fast search, by file name, of your local hard drive or of individual folders.

The download and installation are quick and easy. There are some settings options offered during installation, but any choices made then can be changed by going to the Tools menu, then Options. All choices presented during set up are also available there.

Everything searches as you type, and returns results instantly. I typed in Worldstart, and as I typed the word World, 19 objects were returned, with Worldstart immediately returning 1666 objects.


You can set your results to show in any combination of nine options; Name, Path, Size, Extension, Type, Date Modified, Creation Time, Last Access Time, and Attributes. These can also be sorted by clicking the header at the top of the list of returned results.

The only issue I had with this tool is the local drive limitations. Data is stored in several different drives in my computer, but I was only able to search the local C: drive.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, dependable and extremely fast search tool, Everything is for you and you can download it here.