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Exercise Finder

Hey ladies, are you looking for a new way to switch up your exercise routine? Well then you have come to the right place. The Exercise Finder is geared towards women and will help you find new exercises that will work the areas you want to target and help keep you from falling into a boring exercise rut.

Just select the part of your body you want to tone from the drop down list or click the area on the exercise girl. I preferred click on the exercise girl because it allows you to further target the area you want to work on.

For example if you click stomach, it gives you the further options of: all of the stomach, the middle of the stomach, obliques, or perineum. This helps narrow down the exercises considerably. The stomach in general gives you pages of results, whereas clicking the middle of the stomach gives you one page.

After you pick the area you want to target, it will bring up a listing of different exercises. You can either click the name of the exercise or you can click Read More to go to that exercise’s page.

Each exercise page offers full instructions with an example image, but you’ll also find that they are reviews/comments for each exercise too. This way you can find out what other people thought of that exercise, if they got results, or if there were questions. You can leave a comment or ask a question by filling out the form on the exercise page above where the comments load.

This site offers a great way to find new and different exercises that you can add to your routine. Check it out today!

http://www.divine.ca/en/fitness-and-nutrition/exercise-finder/c_266/ [1]