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Expand Your Gmail Search Options

A lot of us use Gmail as our main email provider. I do, and as a result my inbox is full to overflowing. It makes it difficult to just “skim” through my inbox to find certain messages.

Sure, there’s a search feature up at the top, but what if I need to get more specific?

Like really specific?

Well, today we’re going to discover a feature that you might not notice, unless you’re looking for it. It makes finding particular messages easier than ever!

So, log into your Gmail account, and next to the Search Mail box, click Show search options – the text is really tiny, so you may have to break out the magnifying glass to see it.


The result is a window that allows you to look for messages to or from specific people, by subject, or even within a certain date range. Simply put in the criteria and click Search Mail.


Now, you have the power!