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Expanded Windows 7 Defrag Options

Windows 7’s defrag utility has a lot more going for it than previous versions, but you have to know where to look to find the good stuff. To access some of the more interesting options like parallel defragging (defrag two separate hard drives at once) and progress reports, you need to use the command line version.

Don’t be scared, just click Start, and in the search box type cmd. In the list that appears above, right-click the cmd icon and select “Run as administrator”. The command window should open up.


From here, type defrag and press Enter. This will bring up a list of switches you can use along with the defrag command. Simply type the command with a / and the letter of the switch you’d like to use.


For example, if I want to defrag all volumes I’d type defrag /c.

Multiple switches can be used, too, so if you want to defrag all volumes at normal priority I’d type:

defrag /c /h

Experiment a bit and see if you can come up with a combination you like!