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Expanding Folders in Outlook

If your Outlook folder list looks like mine then you’ve got a folder for, well… everything.

With so many locations for messages it becomes necessary to nest them. That is, to group several folders with a commonality underneath on folder name.

This configuration can help to shorten the folder list and can help to bring some order to the potential chaos.

However, when it comes time to sort messages from the Inbox into these other locations you may find yourself frustrated when it comes to the drop of our drag & drop sorting.

If you forgot to expand a folder so you could drop messages into individual subfolders you’re probably irritated. You’re also probably just about ready to drop the message back into the Inbox so that you can go back to expand folders and start over again.

Yuck! Way too much work.

Next time try a little bit of patience.

When you get the mouse pointer to the folder and realize it’s not expanded don’t go back to the Inbox. Instead hover and wait.

If you hover over the folder after a second or two you’ll find that Outlook knows you want it expanded and takes care of it for you.

Now that’s an Outlook feature that we can definitely count as a time saver.