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Expedition: Endangered!

Beginning your journey at the American Museum of National History’s expedition into the topic of endangered animals is easy – just select a link from the left menu and begin exploring!

You could start with the Introduction, which introduces the museum and the topic you’re about to explore.

…or you could dive right in and decide to Tour the Exhibition. This will take you to an interactive map that you can click to move through the different sections of the exhibit (or you can use the side menu to select which species you want to visit specifically). You have the option to learn about Siberian Tigers, Radiated Tortoises, Flying Frogs, Cichlids, Nile Perch, Zebra Mussels, Alligators, Pandas, and Whales. Some of them are endangered species; some of them are the reason why another species is endangered (example: zebra mussels).

If you just want to learn about endangered animals, skip over the tour and head straight to the Endangered Animals section. There you can select species from the left side menu to learn more about. Also, if you just want to learn about the reason species become endangered, you can head right to Causes of Endangerment.

These are just a handful of the informative sections on the site. You can also check out the Glossary, What Can Be Done?, Human Population Size, Endangerment, and Terminology as well.

Overall, this is a great educational site to share with your kids and grandkids this summer! Check it out today!  

http://www.amnh.org/nationalcenter/Endangered/index.html [1]