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Export or Import a Custom QAT and Ribbon in MS Office

The other day we talked about a method to copy and paste the OFFICEUI files (which contain all the custom User Interface information for one of the Office 2010 programs). It’s a good method, but it requires you to know where to look for the files.

It’s a great way to save your customizations, in case something happens to your system. It’s bad enough that you’ve got a problem with the computer, but to have to make all those changes again, might just send you over the edge.

So I ask you… What if you’d rather not go looking through your hard drive for the right files?

Do you have a different option?

Good questions and the response is just as good… well, just as good if you have Office 2010… you do have a way to accomplish this task from within the specific program!

We’re going to use an Import / Export feature built into the Options dialog box where you customize your Quick Access Toolbar or Ribbon.

With that said, the obvious first step is to go to the Options dialog box. You can reach it via the File tab or with a right-click on the Toolbar or the Tabs of the Ribbon and choose Customize.

If you used the File tab to get to the Options, then you’ll need to click on either the Customize the Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar category in the list on the left.

Regardless of which area you’ve navigated to on the right side, below the list of commands, you should find an Import/Export button.

Click it.


As you can see you have two choices. Import a file or Export one.

If you’re looking to take the current settings to another computer, then you want to Export.

Once you’ve made that choice, it will ask you to save the file – put it somewhere mobile since you want to take it to another machine.

To actually apply those settings on another machine, use the Import choice.

You will need to locate the file via an Open File dialog box.

As you try to open the file, it will ask you to confirm the choice to replace all current customizations with the ones in the file. It won’t merge them – it’s an all or nothing deal.

That’s all there is to it. Protecting your customizations and transferring them is way easier than you might think.

~ April