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Extended Word Underline Options

For years we’ve all used Microsoft Word and have come to rely upon our handy little underline button.

Assuming that you’ve made the transition to Word 2007, then I’m sure you were happy to see the Underline button safe and sound (not to mention easy to find) on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

But, have you really looked at the new Underline button?


Well then let’s compare:


See the difference? Yep that’s right, the 2007 version has a down arrow indicating some choices. (Yeah – you’ve just got to love choices!)

So let’s click the down arrow and take a look, shall we? As you can see there’s several underline choices readily available… the same choices you’ve always had (and still do) in the Font dialog box…


With that one little addition to the Underline button your choices are now at your fingertips without extra dialog boxes and all the hassles that can go along with using them.