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External Storage for iPad?

Ralph from Canton, GA writes:

Steve, is there any kind of external hard drive for my iPad 2? I would like to have a larger storage device for my movies and my music. Thanks, Ralph


The sad news is that there is no way to hook up an external hard drive or storage device to the iPad or iPhone for movies and music. Many Android tablets have micro-sd card slots which enable the internal memory to be expanded and USB ports which support USB mass storage, but Apple has chosen to not include that feature.

There are some alternative solutions if you’re running out of space. Dropbox offers an iPad and iPhone app where you can stream files to your device. Apple’s own iCloud service allows you to download movies and music you’ve purchased from iTunes on demand so you can download the music and delete it when you’re running out of space. Finally. you can always use a software program like Miro to re-encode your videos to a lower quality setting to decrease the file size.

Click the links below for more information on these alternatives.