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Extra Laptop Security

Extra Laptop Security

Extra, extra! Read all about it. Get your extra laptop security today!

To begin, I will just say that this is a good source of security for people who are very private about what they type on their computer screens. This is also the perfect solution for a good way to protect your privacy while you are online, in both public places and at home. If you’re interested, keep reading!

Have you ever been in a public place, like the library, on the bus, etc. when you get someone who will go out of their way to lean over as far as possible to peek and try to read what you are typing? And on top of all that, they have the audacity to stay there until you have closed your laptop’s lid or log off. How rude!

If that has ever happened to you, you may be interested in getting a 3MPivacy Filter. What is that? Well, it’s a filter that filters your computer screen, which keeps others from being able to see what you’re doing on your computer at any given time. It blocks the view from anyone who is trying to see what you are doing. It is just a thin square shaped filter that slides onto your computer screen. It then darkens the screen on an angle from the people all around you.

Now, don’t worry. It won’t blur your screen or block your view, as long as you’re sitting directly in front of the computer screen. It also protects your screen from getting any scratches on it and from any other damages that could occur.

The filter comes in a variety of sizes and it fits a variety of laptop screens. Here are some samples:

These filters are not just limited to laptop computer screens either. You can also get a filter for your desktop at home. It doesn’t matter if you have an LCD screen or a CRT screen. It will work for both.

To see what size filter your laptop computer screen will need, just measure your screen diagonally. To see what size filter you will need for your desktop CRT computer screen, begin to measure on the glass part of the screen, staring with the upper left hand corner. When you begin to measure, be sure to measure diagonally on the screen and not on the outside part of the monitor. You may prefer to use a tape measure instead of a ruler as well. It would probably be more convenient for you. You can measure LCD monitor screens the same way you would for a laptop screen too.

You can find these filters at any regular computer store. They vary in price, but they are still very affordable. Plus, can you really put a price on your privacy? These filters are just a way for you to protect your privacy when you’re in public and to keep peeping Toms in the dark. Check it out!

~ Tweety Dimes