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Eye Friendly Appearance in Windows XP

Eye Friendly Appearance in Windows XP

Do you have eye sight problems and is it sometimes hard for you to see certain things when you’re using your computer? Well, as a user with glasses, it has always been difficult for me to use Windows XP, because the default settings are all very small. I have tried to enlarge some of them, but they still looked small and caused my eyes major strain. If you have the same problems, keep reading! I may be able to give you some hints as to what you can do to give your eyes some comfort!

This method is a one time setting change only. In the future, whenever you start your Windows XP, its appearance will be “eye friendly” and you won’t have to deal with the eye straining formats any longer.

Here’s how you do it:

Changing to the Classic Start Menu

1. Right click over the Start button and choose Properties.

2. Under the Start Menu tab, select the Classic Start menu option.

3. Click OK.

Changing Appearance of Windows XP to Windows Classic

1. Find an empty space on your Desktop (not on the shortcuts) and right click and choose Properties.

2. In the Display Properties window, go to the Themes tab and choose Windows Classic from the theme list.

Next, go to the Appearance tab and click the Advanced button.

3. In the Advance Appearance window, click over the text of Active Window.

Then, click over the text of Normal.

Next, click over the text of Message Text.

Finally, click over the text of Windows Text.

Once you’re done, return to the Themes tab, click the Save As button and then click the Save button.

Then please wait while Windows changes the settings you have chosen.

Now, the first problem is solved. Restart your computer and your eyes will experience a whole new computer! Make sure you keep tuning into this week’s newsletter for more information about eye appearances and also some help with less mouse usage!

~ Sujanti Djuanda