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EZ Printing

EZ Printing

Need to print a recently used document? Don’t waste the next 2 minutes of your life opening up Word, Excel, Notepad etc, then digging around for the document, finally opening it up, hitting the print button, and dealing with any dialog boxes that may pop up. I have a faster way you’re gonna love! Try this:

Click the Start button, My Recent Documents. Right-click the document you want and select Print from the resulting menu. The document’s application will run, open the document, then print it for you with the default printer. Windows is even thoughtful enough to close the application for you too – and it’s all blissfully automatic.

If you don’t see the document you want to print listed in the My Recent Documents menu, hope is not lost. Just head to the location on your hard drive where it lives (probably under your My Documents folder), find it, and give it the right-click treatment described above. This little tricks works for pretty much any document anywhere on your computer. Give it a try :-)