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Have you ever blearily sauntered out to your computer in the middle of the night? Maybe you’ve woken up from a bad dream, a spot of indigestion, or you just have to get up at an odd hour to get ready for work. And there it is, your monitor, blazing blinding light into your eyes! Hyperbole aside, this often happens to me.

Or maybe you are also a night owl like me and are up into the wee hours of the night anyway, but at a certain point the light from the monitor starts to hurt your eyes? Well no matter what the case may be, f.lux can help you out! 

f.lux is a free, downloadable software that whips your monitor into shape by adjusting the lighting. It makes it more like sunlight during the day, and warmer at night like the ambient lighting of your house. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the  iPhone/iPad.

Pick the download you need for your operating system, install it, and then describe your lighting and location – and f.lux does the rest.  It will automatically shift the lighting of your monitor to match the time of day and lighting you are in. 

How cool is that? Check it out for yourself today!

http://justgetflux.com/ [1]