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Facebook Interest Lists

If you’ve “Liked” a Facebook page, but are no longer seeing their posts, it may be due to your activity (or lack of it). When users don’t regularly interact with posts (comment, share, “Like”, etc.), Facebook may determine that they’re not interested, and stop providing content from those “Liked” pages. However, if you’d prefer to remain up-to-date with pages you enjoy—but don’t respond to–you can create and manage an Interests list. Posts from pages selected for this list will then continue to land on your home page, with or without your input.

To set up an Interest list, find a page you’d like to add and–below their cover photo–select Add to Interest Lists… from the options menu.


Then, select New List…


In the Create New List window, choose a page (or pages) from your Pages section. When an image is clicked, a checkmark will appear on that image, indicating that it’s been selected (clicking it a second time will de-select that item). Once the choices have been made, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.


Then, name your list, and determine who can see it by clicking the radio button at the left (Public viewing is selected below). Click the Done button at the bottom right.


A link to the list will then appear in a newly created Interests section at the bottom of the left-hand column of your home page. Clicking that link will open the list to the right.


To create a new list, in the Interests menu, click the Add Interests link.


In the Window that opens to the right, click the Create List button, and follow the steps above.


To edit an existing list–select it from the Interests section–and click the Manage List button near the top right of your screen to reveal editing options. Edit List controls the addition or deletion of selected pages.


Creating Interests lists not only helps Facebook users stay up-to-date, it also organizes “Liked” pages. For example, if you’re interested in local businesses, create a list of them and–when you click the link to that list–all other posts on your home page will be filtered from the results.

Note: While posts from pages on my Interest lists have–for several months–continued to appear regularly, online research indicates that not everyone shares that success.