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Facebook Mail Shortcuts

Did you know Facebook Mail had its own set of keyboard shortcuts? Yeah, me either, but then again I had no idea how to access them in the first place until an accidental keystroke set me on my journey. 

Join me, won’t you? It’s a quick trip!

First, make sure you’re on the Facebook Mail page – otherwise this isn’t going to work. 

Now, press Alt-Q (or Control-Q if you’re using a Mac)…

…and up pops a window with all the info you need! 

Note: You can use this shortcut to show/hide this window any time you’re on the Facebook Mail page. 

Here’s the whole list of PC keyboard shortcuts for all you copy/pasters:

ALT+G – Search conversations
ALT+Z – Archive/unarchive conversation
ALT+J – Mark as spam
ALT+R – Mark as read
ALT+C – New message
ALT+I – Go to your inbox
ALT+U – Go to Other box  (where all those “other” messages go, apparently!)

Have fun!