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Facebook Phone Price Slashed To 99 Cents

The new HTC Facebook phone just landed a spot on the value menu. If you’ve got 99 cents, you could get a small order of fries or one of these heavily hyped phones.

Less than a month after the HTC Facebook optimized First Phone was announced with a lot of fanfare, AT & T is offering that phone for just 99 cents with a 2-year contract. Just a few weeks ago, the phone was $99 with a 2-year contract.


The selling point of the First phone was that it was designed to run the Facebook Home app and would put your Facebook friends front and center on your phone, even displaying posts on your locked smartphone screen. Home also gives you notifications when you’re using other apps. If someone send you a message while you’re making a move in Words With Friends, a little icon of their face will pop up thanks to the Chatheads feature.

AT&T lists the original First price at $350, making 99 cents a 99% discount. The deep discount could be a sign that not that many people are interested in making their Facebook the center of their phone. Deep phone discounts (or even free phones with a contract) are not that unusual, but normally the discounts don’t come so soon after a phone is released.

The Facebook Home application will also run on the Samsung Galaxy III and HTC One X.  However, many of the reviews of the app in the Google Play store are unkind, with over 8,000 1-star reviews. 

~ Cynthia