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Famous Objects from Classic Movies

Do you love Classic movies? I know I do! Well, now you can play a game where you identify objects from classic movies.  I should warn you, this is another addicting game!

To begin all you have to do is click the Play button.

So how does the game work? Well, they’ll show you an image of an object from a Classic Movie, and then you’ll play a hangman style game trying to guess what it is from.

All you are provided with is the appropriate number of blank spaces for the title of the movie. You can guess letters or type in the whole answer. You get three lives for each title, and you’ll lose a life with each wrong guess. After you’ve guessed correctly, or run out of lives the Skip button will turn into the Next button. Click it to go on to the next movie title.

The game will keep track of your score automatically for you, and don’t forget that when you’re stumped you can skip a movie, rather than lose a life for missing it.

I’d recommend bookmarking this site so that you can play it often!