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Fantastic Desktop Wallpapers

Fantastic Desktop Wallpapers [1]

I often get bored with what’s on my desktop, so I’m always looking for new sites that offer awesome desktops for free. What I like about this is that they’ve already searched for some of the best desktops out there, and have put them all together in one location making it easy for you to browse.

To browse the desktop wallpapers, just scroll down the page. If you click the title of the desktop (just above the image), or the image itself, you’ll be whisked away to the site that hosts the image (it could be desktopography, deviant art, wallpapers-room, etc.). There you can download the appropriate size for your desktop.

You’ll need to follow the download instructions at each site to download it. You may just need to click a download button and then right-click the image and chose Set as Background.

I hope you enjoy this collection of desktop wallpapers as much as I did! They’re fantastic!

http://wordpressindeed.com/fantastic-desktop-wallpapers/ [1]