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Faster Cursor

Moving Quickly Through a Document with Your Keyboard

A lot of us, including myself, enjoy using our keyboards to move the mouse cursor from sentence to sentence in an e-mail or from paragraph to paragraph in a different document. Either way, that darn cursor just moves way too slow sometimes, doesn’t it? Well, here’s a fun tip for you on how you can speed things up a little bit. Here we go!

When you are typing on your computer, you usually see a black flashing line (your cursor) that shows you where you are in your document. The flashing line is also called a text cursor or an insertion point.

In order to position the cursor exactly where you want it, it is often easier to use the arrow keys on your keyboard, rather than the mouse.

You can also make the cursor move faster. If you hold an arrow key down (try the left arrow key or the right arrow key first), the cursor will keep moving quickly.

Now, if you hold the Ctrl key down on your keyboard and then hit the right arrow key or the left arrow key, the cursor will jump to the next word (or sentence, etc.) instead of the next letter. Each time you hit the arrow key once, with the Ctrl key held down, it will jump to the next space.


If you hold the Ctrl key down and then hold down the right arrow key or the left Arrow key, the cursor will jump quickly from word to word. This is even faster than holding an arrow key down without the Ctrl key.

If you’re looking to move even faster through a document, holding the Ctrl key while hitting the up and down arrow keys, will jump your cursor between paragraphs.


Give them a try and add some speed to your life!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami