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Faster File Access

Faster File Access

Do you have a file or two that you find yourself opening constantly? Maybe a template that is used almost daily?

Tired of waiting for a program to load so that you can finally use File / Open to get to the file? You know what I’m talking about—the file or template that you’re forever opening and closing.

The fastest way I know to open templates and files that I constantly use is to put a shortcut for them on my desktop. Then, whenever I want to get at the file, I double-click the shortcut. Poof! Both the file and the program open simultaneously.

For example, I use my template for this newsletter frequently. A shortcut for the template would be a big time-saver. Without a shortcut I have to start MS Word, then click File, New, select the template and click OK. With the desktop shortcut, I simply double-click and from that one action MS Word starts and the template is opened. That’s it!

So, you may ask, how do you perform this wonder of wonders (that is, putting the shortcut on the desktop)? Well, I’m glad you asked because that’s just what I intend to cover.

First you should decide which file(s) or template(s) need a shortcut. (Please keep in mind that the shortcuts will go on the desktop, too many may clutter things up. OK if you don’t mind clutter. Bad if you like the desktop neat and tidy.)

Once the decisions are made the rest is easy.

Locate the file or template that is to be put on the desktop. You may need to go through My Computer to locate the file in the My Documents folder. If it’s an MS Office Suite template you’ve created, then try looking in the Program Files folder, Microsoft Office folder, Templates folder.

Once you’ve located the file or template, right-click on the file.

A menu should pop up. Look for the Send To submenu. A list of choices should appear. Choose the Desktop.


This should create a shortcut on the desktop.

That’s it—easy as pie!

Now when you want to work on the file simply double-click the shortcut from your desktop.

The necessary program will open and so will the file or template. No more searching through subdirectories to find that pesky file!

~ April