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FastStone Image Viewer

Do you have lots of pictures of family, friend, pets, or nature that you want to alter? Are you having trouble finding a decent editing program to do so with? Well look no further, because I’ve found just the thing. It’s called FastStone Image Viewer, and you’re going to love it.


Downloading and installing takes seconds. Upon installation it takes you to their website for donations. I know what your saying, “But this is supposed to be free!” – well it is absolutely free, but after you use it you may just want to donate in order to keep them in business!

At first glance, FastStone is not as in depth as some of the other photo editing programs I have used, but  it still has many useful features. It has the ability to re-size, crop, perform color adjustments, change the contrast and brightness and even does even red-eye removal. It also has a few simple filter/effect options to enhance your images, including applying Lenses, Waves, and Morphs. FastStone also has the ability to convert files into well known image formats such as GIF, BMP, JPG, and PNG. Check out what I was able to do with my Koala within just minutes!

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So, if you have a ton of picture you would like to alter, organize, or just simply view in a slideshow, go ahead and give FastStone Image Viewer a shot. Click here [4] for your free download.