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Favorites Get a New Home in Internet Explorer 9

Cathy from Michigan writes:

If you upgrade to IE9 do you lose all of your favorites you had in IE8?

Cathy, Internet Explorer 9 offers lots of features not seen in the previous version of the browser, including faster search times, pinned sites, and a built-in SmartScreen protection filter. If you’re eager to upgrade, but worried that you might lose your Favorites, you’ll be happy to know that they are saved and imported into Internet Explorer 9 automatically.

Internet Explorer 9 has had a bit of a visual overhaul, though. In earlier versions, Favorites were displayed prominently in the toolbar. When you launch Internet Explorer 9 for the first time, you may be alarmed at the lack of a toolbar. Although it looks like your Favorites have disappeared, they’ve only been moved to a new location.

To find your Favorites, look for a small white star at the top right of the window. Click the star, and a new, smaller window opens. In this window, you can access the Favorites, Feeds, and History tabs. Click on the Favorites tab to see the list of saved websites imported from Internet Explorer 8.


Favorites management in Internet Explorer 9 is different, but fairly intuitive. Clicking the yellow star in the top left corner of the screen allows you to instantly add the website you’re currently viewing to your Favorites bar. Your Favorites bar displays a tab for each website you’ve saved to it. If you want to pin the Favorites, Feeds, and History tabs to the browser window, click the white star icon and then click the small green arrow in the upper-left corner of the window. The window moves to the other side of the screen and stays there until you close it. If you prefer the look of the traditional Internet Explorer toolbar, you can also hit the “Alt” key. The full toolbar appears at the top of the page. Hit “Alt” again to make it disappear.


In most cases, Favorites import easily into Internet Explorer 9. If your favorites seem to have disappeared upon upgrading, however, you may need to import them manually. To do this, press “Alt” to bring up the toolbar, and then click “File.” Click “Import and export…”

A new window opens. Click the button next to “Import from a file,” and then click “Next.” Click the box next to “Favorites,” and click “Next” again. The file containing your Favorites should automatically be displayed. If it’s not, click “Browse” and choose the appropriate file. If you do not know the location of your Favorites file, you can find it  in Windows 7 by clicking the “Start” button and typing “favorites” into the search bar.


Once you know the correct file, click the “Next” button, then “Import” and “Finish.” Your Favorites should now appear when you click the star icon or bring up the toolbar.

~Melissa Howbert