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FEBE for Firefox Backup

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Are you a die hard Firefox fan? Do you love using Firefox add-ons and can’t imagine surfing the internet without them? There are a lot of add-ons for Firefox, and some of them are quite useful too, but the problem comes when you want to use the same set of add-ons in multiple computers.

Here’s an example: You have two computers – one at your office and another at your home. You want to use the same set of Firefox add-ons on both computers without having to install all the add-ons individually. Also, you would want to sync Firefox settings across multiple computers which means any changes made on one computer will reflect in the second computer as well.

There is another problem with Firefox extensions – backup. After a system format, you have to install all of the add-ons from scratch.

To solve this problem, you can use FEBE – a Firefox add-on to backup your settings, bookmarks, extensions and other important stuff. Later, you can simply mount the file on another computer and all the add-ons are in place. Here is a quick step by step guide to backup Firefox extensions and use them on multiple computers:

1.Go to the FEBE download page and install the extension in Firefox.

2.Restart Firefox and go to Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options.


3.Now you will see a lot of options in the resulting window. In the “Options” tab, select “Backup extensions” and “back up themes”. Leave all other options untouched.


4.Switch to the “Directory” tab and select the location where you would want the extension to save the backup files.


It’s recommended to choose a directory in a non system drive, which means you have to create a folder on a drive where the operating system is not installed.

5.In the “Schedule” tab you can schedule an automatic backup of Firefox preferences. You can schedule the backup daily or create a weekly backup. If you do not want to perform an automatic backup, leave all checkboxes unchecked.


6.The extension allows you to automatically upload a copy of the backup file at popular file sharing service – Box.net. You can enter the Box.net preferences in the “Box.net” tab as shown below:


7.Click “Verify” and the setup part is over. You are ready to backup all your Firefox preferences, including add-ons, bookmarks, passwords and use them on multiple computers.
How to Manually Backup Firefox Add-ons using FEBE

How to Manually Backup Firefox Add-ons using FEBE

To perform a manual back up click Tools > FEBE and select “perform backup”.


This will freeze Firefox for a minute, but when the backup job is over, you will find new backup files in the specified directory.


Restoring Firefox Add-ons in other computers

Now when you want to restore this backup on another computer, start Firefox and Install the FEBE extension as usual. Next restart Firefox and select Tools > FEBE > Restore and select “Restore extensions”.


This will open a window and you can simply navigate to the extension back up folder created earlier and browse the required files one by one. Once all the backups are in place, restart Firefox and enjoy using all the add-ons!

Note: The Firefox versions used in both computers should be exactly similar or else some add-ons might not work after a backup/restore job.

~Amit Banerjee

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