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Fed Up with School Lunch

Fed Up With School Lunch [1]

This is an amazing blog, that really sheds light on what kids are eating at school. Mrs. Q, the author of the blog, spent a year eating what the kids at school were being served and documented every grueling meal that was served. Her goal was to shed awareness on the food choices that are being made for children on the free or reduced lunch programs in schools.

If you want to start at the beginning (I did) then click this link [2] to go to the posts from last January. Then choose newer posts to navigate forward. If you choose to start from today and work your way back, it works like a normal blog, just scroll down to the bottom to navigate back to older posts. You’ll also find the monthly archive on the right side of the page if you want to navigate that way.

After reading this blog, I am more grateful than ever that my mom made the decision to send me to school with a brown bag lunch even if it was un-cool at the time among my peers.

What are the schools around you serving for lunch? Do the kids in your neighborhood have recess? What habits are kids learning from eating these meals? Will it stick with them for the rest of their lives? These are all things I’m thinking about after checking out this site.