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FEMA for Kids

Why don’t you and your child join Herman the Spokescrab at this site? A site that is all about teaching your child, and children everywhere, how to be prepared for disasters and how to prevent disaster damage. Your child can also become a “Disaster Action Kid”, with a certificate and everything. A Disaster Action Kid knows how to protect themselves and their pets in a disaster as well as what is needed in a disaster kit. And all they need to do is read this site and test their knowledge.

If you check out the “What’s Happening Now” section it will inform your child state by state what kind of natural disaster is possible there. So say you and your child lived in Ohio they clicked the state, then the possible disaster types would be shown in a pop up window. Ohio comes up with: Tornadoes, Flooding, Severe Storms, and High Winds; Severe Storms and Flooding; Severe Winter Storms.

You can then click on each type of disaster and it will take you to a site that gives you more news and what to expect from that type of disaster. The “What’s Happening Now” section will also explain: how they might feel in a disaster, today in disaster history, NOAA weather radio, disaster connection kids to kids, and citizen corps, and more.

Back to the main page and the other link options there includes a Games and Quizzes section where there are 25 games and quizzes that you and your child can play. And if you check out the “Disaster Area” section, your child can learn about each type of disaster individually.

http://www.fema.gov/kids/ [1]