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Fiery Foods?

Fiery Foods [1]

This site has practically everything that you could possibly need to know about fiery foods and barbecue. In the middle of the home page, there is all the latest news, articles, and recipes. With the navigation on both the top and the side menu there is a lot to visit and absorb.

In the side menu, you will find the sections What’s Hot, Departments, Show Reservations, Magazine, and Sunbelt Shows. Let’s keep this short and just look at the first two (they’re free).

What’s Hot has links to the latest articles, news, and industry directory.

Departments has an Ask Dave column that answers the questions you always wanted to ask about Chiles, Fiery-Foods, and the World of Heat. You’ll also find Ask Dr. BBQ column which answers questions about barbecue, grilling, or smoking. Media Meltdown has reviews of cookbooks on fiery foods and even one on chocolate. I’m not really sure how it relates to the rest of the site, but it’s chocolate. Who needs a reason? :) I’ll tell you more about the Recipe Base in a minute. Last but not least, the World Food Terms glossary of food terms used on the site is searchable by letter.

The Recipe Base search engine can use any number of details to find a recipe for you to try out. The search fields are Category, Chile Used, Ingredients, Barbecue, Vegetarian, Heat Level, or Name (useful if you want a certain dish like Chili.) Use as many or as little of the fields to narrow your search down and get to those recipes.

Along the top navigation menu, you’ll see the tabs for Barbecue Pages and Dave’s Pepper Pages. The other tabs aren’t entirely free (like the Fiery-Food Shopping tab).

Barbecue Pages has related articles, including Strange Cue about a Giant Burger competition in Serbia. You will find articles on Caribbean Barbecue, Woods to use for Smoking, Meatless Grill, and the Ask Dr. BBQ section, and whole lot more.

Dave’s Pepper Pages has a ton of articles on the front page about- you guessed it- peppers! You’ll also find navigation on the side menu to Pepper Profiles, Pepper Gardening, Tasty Travel, Spicy Stories, and Chiles & Health. So if you want to learn about the different types, lore and possible medicinal uses, or how to grow them, it’s all here.

This site is great for those of you who like it HOT!

http://www.fiery-foods.com/ [1]

~ Amanda