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File Renamer Basic

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Writing download tips provides numerous opportunities to test new software. However, for many of the tips, I just download, test, and uninstall. This might be because the product doesn’t suit my needs, or it merely duplicates software I’m already using. Once in a while though, I run across something I’ll keep. File Renamer Basic is one of those. It shares a feature with another product I recently reviewed, Faststone Photo Resizer. The similarity is that they both allow quick manipulation of multiple files. With File Renamer, I can easily rename a large group of files. Faststone Photo Resizer provided the tools to quickly resize large groups of images. This may not be a benefit to all users, but it sure makes my life easier.

File Renamer Basic can be downloaded here, and is easily installed. Just look for file renamer (see below) and click the Download button. This will send you to a second page where the download takes place. Installation is quick and painless and, when it’s done, just click Finish and the program will open.


To the left is a directory, where you can select a folder. When you’ve chosen the folder, the files inside will appear to the right. Just check the boxes next to the files you want to rename.


The tools are at the bottom of the screen. The File Name Properties tab will be open by default, but there are five other tabs you can choose; Delete/Remove/Insert, Find/Replace, Advanced, ID3v1/ID3v2, and Rename Lists. Under File Name Properties, you can elect to make changes, or add to, the Prefix, Filename, Separator, Unique Parameter, Suffix, and Extension. Any changes you make will be reflected next to the words Sample File Name. This is a handy addition.

I started by changing the Prefix.


Then added a separator and a custom file name. Everything else was left unchanged.


Once you’ve made a decision on how you want your files renamed, click the Apply button. The following message will pop up. They STRONGLY recommend previewing your changes. Good advice.


My first attempt ruined the files I wanted to rename, and the free version doesn’t include Undo. Anticipating problems, I was using test files, which is something I’d recommend for anyone trying this for the first time. Misunderstanding the instructions, my mistake was to not include the extension. My second attempt worked fine.



Anyone who has lots of files that they’d like to rename (mp3 files come to mind), should be able to make good use of this free download.


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