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Find a Doctor

Finding a doctor is hard. Unlike a lot of services today, you can’t just hop on the internet and do a search for a doctor near you and get reviews like you might for a restaurant. Finding a good doctor is still very much a word of mouth endeavor. Your friends recommmend so and so, or your mother recommmends someone else. How do you sort it all out? Well, there are places on the internet that are trying to change that. One of them is Everyday Health.

Everyday Health brings you the ability to find doctors, dentists, specialists, hospitals, healthcare providers, mental health professionals by state, city. They’ve built a search engine that lets you search for doctors close to where you live in a variety of fields (general practitioner, specialist, dentist, etc.).

Did I mention it is easy to use? Just type in your zip code or city and state, then set the range of miles that you want them to be within and the type of physician you are looking for from the drop down boxes and click the green Show Results button. Have a pre-existing condition or need a certain type of specialist? Well you can search by condition instead! However, you chose to search a list of physicians will be presented and you can click on their name to learn about their practice, what specialties they are certified for, what hospitals they are affiliated with, and see other patient’s reviews of their practice.

Do you have a great physician? Well then, why don’t you spread the word by writing them a review? When you use the search engine you can fill it out with the all the information plus your physician’s name and when you find them on list click the Review This Health Professional link to write a review of your experience with them. 

I think that over time this is a trend that will really take off, because people are more likely to trust services that have been reviewed by their peers.

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