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Find a Human cool site

Find a Human

One of the most annoying things when calling customer service these days is not being able to get a hold of a human being. I get sick of listening to recorded voices telling me what to press and when without answering the question I called to ask. Well, if you live in the USA this site offers some relief. It lists companies such as banks, cellular, insurance, pc, retail, shipping, telco, travel, tv, and utilities.

It’s set up in a table with the listing of companies first, then their web page, phone number, and then the steps you need to take in order to reach a human on the other end of the line. Pretty simple huh?

If you click the little green button in front of the company’s name that reads “disp.” You can see their mailing address and company information that was provided when they were submitted. Note: Not all companies have mailing addresses listed.

If you know how to reach a human at a company that isn’t listed, you can click Add Company at the top and fill out the information. They will check it out, make sure the steps work, and then can add it to their database.