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Find and Replace Multiple on Worksheets Simultaneously

Okay, so you’ve used the Find/Replace function in MS Excel with a lot of success before, right?

But, let’s just say you now have a multiple worksheet file and you have to search for replacements on several (or all) of the worksheets. What do you do?

You could run the Find/Replace on the first worksheet, switch to the next sheet and start the process again. Granted, Excel doesn’t require you to re-enter the data again, but you still have to work with all the buttons to repeat your work (not to mention all the time you spent switching between worksheets).

Looking for a way to complete the Find/Replace on several different worksheets with one quick move? Well, here’s a little trick to help you wrap up this repetitive work in a jiffy!

The next time you’re in this situation, begin by selecting not just one worksheet, but all the worksheets that need to be searched.

Use either the Ctrl key or the Shift key in conjunction with the Sheet Tabs to select all the worksheets Excel should search.

– Then start the Find/Replace feature (Ctrl + F – or – Edit menu / Find choice – or – Home tab of the Ribbon / Find & Select button).

Once the feature is open with all the sheets selected, the program will consider all the data on the selected sheets when it’s searching and replacing.

Voila. Many steps condensed to one!