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Find and Replace with Graphics

Find and Replace with Graphics

Ever find yourself working with a graphic in an MS Word document that had to be repeated and repeated and repeated?

Did you get tired of all the graphic insertions or the continuous copy and paste routine of placing the graphic in the file multiple times?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to place it just once and then have Word “magically” place it everywhere else in the document for you?

Well, I’m happy to report there is a way to get Word to do that and it doesn’t even require any magic ability at all!

The first step to the process is to insert the graphic into the document the first time it is needed. Also, don’t forget to make any needed changes to the picture properties, such as the text wrapping style, before proceeding.

After that, whenever you need to insert the same graphic again, simply enter a distinctive word or a couple of words that will indicate the graphic placement. For example, you could use “graphichere” in your document to indicate a placement point. (You obviously don’t want to use a common word, as it could be a part of the document narrative and be replaced by a graphic unintentionally).

Once you’re ready to place the graphic throughout the document, go back to the first one you’ve already inserted.

Select the graphic and copy it.

Now, start up the Find/Replace feature (Ctrl + H).

In the “Find what” field, enter in the word you used to mark the graphic placements.

In the “Replace with” field, enter this: ^c.

At this point, you’re ready to begin. You can either go one at a time by using the Find Next and Replace buttons or, if you’re sure you used a very distinctive word, you could simply click Replace All.

Voila. When you’ve completed the replacements, all your graphics will be right where you want them, with no hassle of individual insertions required!

~ April