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Find Fonts with the First Letter

These days we all have a whole lot of fonts in our computer systems – which is nice on the side of creativity and giving things your own personal touch – but not so nice on the side of changing from font to font.

We’ve all done it… select some text then go to the Font drop-down list and scroll, scroll and scroll some more to get to the font you want to use.

Now, if you’re not sure what look you want then scrolling is a way to browse through your choices – I’m definitely not denying that.

But, if you know what font you want to use the whole scrolling thing gets old really fast.

It logically follows to wonder what other options we have and that’s what I’d like to investigate.

The key to skipping the scrolling is the first letter of the font name.

Once you’re in the font list (either with the mouse or using the Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut) simply type the first letter of the font name.


You’ll be shifted to that portion of the list where minimal scroll work (if any) would allow you to find what you need.

As a bonus, if you know the correct spelling of the font name then type that in – you’ll be placed right there – no scrolling required.

And, as you can guess the “middle ground” does exist. You can type in any number of letters in the font name (from 1 to all of them) to jump as close to the correct location as possible.

No Scrolling = Time Saved

I’m all for that!