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Find It Again and Again and Again

Find It Again and Again and Again

Do you use MS Word’s Find feature?

Ever discover that the Find window is in the way when you’re trying to locate the same text phrase multiple times?

I mean, it really is easier to leave the window open to use the Find Next button repeatedly than it is to close that window and start over each time. The inconvenience of the open window is worth it when compared to the “starting over” method, isn’t it?!

And these are your only two choices, right?


Here’s another option I’d like to offer you.

For the first Find of the text, proceed as usual. (Open the Find window, enter the text you’re seeking and hit Enter).

After Word locates the text the first time, click the Cancel button.

At this point, it looks as though all is lost, but wait! There was a change you may not have noticed.

Below the vertical scroll bar, you’ll find a series of buttons.

Usually, the up and down arrows are black, but when you hit the Cancel button, they turn blue. That blue color is Word’s indication that it can still look for your text string.

The blue up arrow will find the next occurrence of the text above your current location and the blue down arrow will find the next occurrence of the text below your current location.

So, as you can see, you can continue with a repeated text search, without having to tolerate that open Find window. Who would have thought that a little bit of blue could be so useful?!

~ April