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Find It Now!

Find It Now!

Are you using MS Outlook 2007?

Have you noticed this little guy just above your e-mail list?

Well, that’s your Instant Search box.

If you enter a word into the Instant Search box, Outlook will instantly start sorting through the e-mails in the currently displayed list to give you just the ones that meet your keyword criteria.

Now, I know for me, I’m still getting way too many e-mails. You too?

If that’s the case, you can get more specific by expanding your search box. To do that, you need to click on the double down arrow to the right of the Instant Search field.

Extra and more specific fields will then appear.

You can now enter your keywords into the appropriate place(s) to fine tune your search.

What was that I heard?

You don’t like the search fields that appeared?

You want to look somewhere else?

No problem!

Each search criteria name is also linked to a drop down list.

Simply click on the name and choose something different.

If you need more fields, just click on the Add Criteria button.

Poof! Another search criteria field opens on your command.

Now, if you have too many criteria in your Instant Search box, the bottom of the drop down field list has an option to Remove the field.

Also, if you want to collapse all the extra fields, the double down arrows become up arrows when you expand the Instant Search box. Click on those and you’ll be back to where you started.

Voila. Direct and to the point e-mail searches done in an instant!

~ April