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Find My Credit Card

Find My Credit Card

How long do you think you have had your PC? Two to three years? Maybe longer? Well, in that time, might it be safe to say that you have probably ordered a thing or two online? Maybe you have registered with a Web site or two? The holidays will be upon us before we know it and will anyone in your house be using the PC for their seasonal shopping?

The reason I’m asking these questions, beyond the fact that I’m extremely nosy, is to introduce a cool little application that can sniff out residual personal information left on your PC from past online transactions. It’s called Find My Credit Card (FMCC) and after you see it in action, you will be amazed by the amount of residual information (passwords, credit card numbers, your physical address, etc.) it can find on your PC. It presents this information in a list where you can pick and choose what you want to remove or you can even remove it all from the get go.

This is a great way to ensure that left behind personal information doesn’t find its way into some devious third party’s hands. Personal information like this has been long sought after, as I’m sure you know and it can be a huge component for identity theft. The creators of malware want this information and if they manage to infiltrate your system, there’s a good chance they are going to scan your PC looking for this data. By eliminating this information first, you will mitigate the amount of potential damage and loss of personal and sensitive information to these anxious data voyeurs.

I ran FMCC on my machine this morning while I was testing it out and it found 457 entries. I couldn’t believe it! At first, I was even a little leery to erase the items, as I thought it might affect my stored passwords that I use everyday, but I forged forward for the sake of security. FMCC worked fantastic and it quickly removed the forgotten personal information. Also, to my surprise, it didn’t affect my log in information on my favorite sites. Now, that’s impressive!

This is a tool that you should definitely have in your security toolbox (folder) and plan to use regularly. This will keep your potential loss of information at a minimum for maximum protection.

You can download Find My Credit Card here.

Windows September 2006 Update

Just wanted to remind you that our buddies at Microsoft have their monthly update out on the 12th (give or take a day). They are patching up a couple of reasonably serious vulnerabilities in XP with a threat level of high. There is also a critical rated susceptibility for the MS Office suite that gets a patch, as well as, Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Most of these updates can be diagnosed using the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (not the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool). It will work for all but the malicious software removal tool, which you have to do on your own.

Okay, I think my job is done here for this week. Hope everyone got a little something out of this article and until next week, stay safe out there.

~ Chad Stelnicki