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Find the Insert Key on Your Keyboard

Josephine from California asks:

Where is the “insert key” on my keyboard?

Thanks for the question, Josephine. The Insert key more often than not is located in the right half of the keyboard and is usually next to the Delete key. The Insert key is labeled “Ins”. The exact position of the Insert various from one keyboard model to another. In this tip, we’ll take a look at two keyboard models.

Take a look at the following keyboard:


This is a typical keyboard found on laptops. If we zoom into the right half of the keyboard, you’ll notice the Insert key in the top right-hand corner, as highlighted in the image below. You’ll also notice that it next to the Delete key, which is labeled “Del”.


Next, let’s take a look another keyboard model. The image shows a typical keyboard that is plugged into laptops. This type of keyboard is extremely useful when your laptop keyboard isn’t working or when you aren’t used to the cramped laptop keyboard.


If we zoom to the right half of this keyboard, you’ll notice the Insert key, as highlighted in the image below, is located in the last key row.


The trick to identifying the Insert key is to look at the right side of the keyboard and locate the key labeled “Ins”. This key is your Insert key. If you already know where the Delete key is on your keyboard, then simply locate it and the Insert key will most likely be next to it.

~Rupen Sharma