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Find the Large Emails in Your Gmail

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There are situations when you may want to find all the big emails stored in your Gmail inbox. Although Gmail provides 7 Gigabytes of free space to all its users, sometimes you may end up discovering that only a few megabytes of space are remaining. If you have been using Gmail since the service was launched, chances are that your email inbox is full of attachments or documents you don’t need.

When your Gmail inbox is almost full, the following warning message appears:

“You have run out of space for your Gmail account. You will not be able to send or receive any emails until you delete some items”

In such situations, you might want to find all the emails that contain big attachments, useless images or documents. This is when FindBigmail is useful; the service will scan your Gmail inbox and filter all the emails that are consuming unnecessary space in your Gmail account.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. First, go to FindBigmail [1] and enter your Gmail username, as shown below:


Then hit the button Click Here.

2. The service will try to scan your Gmail account for large attachments. You have to grant the necessary permissions by hitting the Continue button on the next page:


3. In the next page, you will see a general disclosure message. Simply, hit the Grant Access button.


4. Once you are done with the permissions step, FindBigMail will start scanning your Gmail inbox for big attachments, pictures, documents or other files. You can continue to use your email and will start to see results while it is being scanned. This may take just a few minutes or more than an hour, depending on your mailbox size and location.


You will also receive the following email message from FindBigMail service:


Note: Do not close the browser window until the scanning is complete.

5. When the scan is complete, the service will send you an email, which looks like the following:


The pie charts on the right shows the distribution of email messages according to size. Seeing the charts, you can have a clear idea of how much free space is remaining, how many emails are taking up a good amount of space in your inbox and so on.

6. You will also see links to top 20 largest messages, as shown below:


Click through each link to load the corresponding message, read it and delete it if it’s no longer required.

7. Find Big Mail will also create specific labels, which can be accessed from Gmail’s sidebar.


These labels let you filter past conversations according to size. The first label will filter the top 20 large emails; the second one will filter all the messages that are consuming more than 2 MB of space and so on.

Click through a label to filter all the past messages, read them one by one and delete those that are no longer required. To bulk delete messages, select the corresponding checkbox at the right and hit the Delete button on the top. Here is an example:


8. Once you are done freeing up space in your Gmail account, you may want to delete the labels created by FindBigMail. To do that, go to Settings > Labels and delete them one by one:


9. You will also see a notification at the bottom of your Gmail inbox, which will tell you the amount of free space remaining. Here is an example:


That’s it, you are done with all the steps. Now you can start fresh, because your Gmail inbox is clean and free of the unnecessary messages that were consuming a huge amount of space. The service is free to use and works with Google Apps accounts as well, apart from standard Gmail accounts.

~Amit Banerjee

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