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Finding All The Keyboard Shortcuts In Open Office

OpenOffice: It’s All About The Keys

Many people much prefer using key combinations over the mouse when completing their work.

Some just find that it takes way too much time to keep removing their hand from the keyboard to accomplish something with the mouse. Mostly I agree, it seems that 9 times out of 10 things move faster when I know the key combinations to work with.

At any rate, if this is you then you may be wondering how you can find the key combinations that are used in OpenOffice.

Probably to get a list quickly that can easily be printed you’ll want to go to the OpenOffice help.

openoffice help

Once there search for “shortcut keys”.

You’ll be offered a list of general OpenOffice shortcut keys as well as one specific to the program you used when opening the help.

shortcut keys search

Choose the list you’re looking for and scroll through the offerings.

You’ll find that they’re broken into sections for easy reference and that you’ll recognize many of them if you’re a Microsoft user as well.

The obvious questions of can they be changed and can you create your own are on your mind… I know that they are… but we’ll tackle those another day.

For now take a minute to explore what’s been provided and then start using them.

The best way to find out what shortcuts we need to create later is to notice what we don’t have them for while we work now.


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