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Finding and Deleting Duplicate Files

Susan from Wood River, IL USA writes:

I have Windows 7 and am looking for a program that will removed duplicate files on my hard drive. Can you recommend a good one?

Duplicate files can be a real nuisance to the organization of your PC. They take up unnecessary room, and can be a headache when trying to find the right version.  This tip will take you through how to delete these files and take the power back from your clogged up hard drive.

It’s simpler than you might think to get rid of duplicate files, and doesn’t even require you to download external software.

To get started hold the windows button on the keyboard and hit “F” at the same time.  

Search bar

This will open the search program. Type in the file that you suspect to be duplicated. On the toolbar, click “views” and then “details”.

Scroll down the list and look for files with the same name. If the date modified is the same in two that appear to be the same then the chances are that you can delete one of them.

However, if you are aware of a large amount of duplicates on your hard drive, then you may want an external program to find them for you. Go here [1], download the program, and much like before, scroll down, find the duplicates and delete them.  

It’s as simple as that! Just remember that if you make a mistake you can always go to your recycle bin and restore the file.  

I’ve been guilty in the past of having multiple copies of the same album. After a clean up of the duplicate files I freed up 8GB of space!

~Matthew McGuire