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Finding Related Messages in Outlook 2007

Finding All the “Relatives”

OK – so not really relatives in the sense of the annual family reunion – but instead related messages in Outlook 2007.

You know, when you’re looking at a message and thinking, “Now what else was I supposed to know about this?” or “What else did he send me?”

You could begin a search guessing what subject or text phrase to search for or you could let Outlook 2007 do the work for you.

Hmmm… difficult decision…

I vote for Outlook doing the work.

So here’s the “trick” to it.


Instantly Outlook opens the Advanced Find dialog window and is already searching.


Once the search results are returned you’ll find the list in the bottom portion of the dialog window. You can double-click on a message in the list to instantly open it without needing to navigate to its actual location.

The coolest part? 1) Outlook searched everywhere – Inbox, all your personal folder, etc… and; 2) it set all the parameters doing all the hard work for you.

~ April