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Finding System Information in Vista

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Dolores of Carson City, Nevada, writes:

The other day I went to install a program and it told me to make sure that I had Vista SP2, and that it wouldn’t run if it had Vista SP1. I don’t know where to look for that. In fact, I know nothing about my computer. Can you help show me where to go to find everything?

Ah, but of course I can help, Dolores!

There are four “levels” (that’s what I’ll call them anyway) of viewing System Information, which is what you want to do. The first way is just a basic view; it will tell you the operating system that you have (in your case, it’s Vista), the Service Pack (SP) and a couple of other details.

For a basic system information view, left-click on Start, go to My Computer and right-click on it, and then left-click on Properties.


You will get this:-


There’s some other basic information here, as well, but for now we are dealing with the Service Packs.

If you would like just a little more information than just the basic stuff, you’re going to do this the same way you did the first time, except this time you are going to left-click on Manage instead of Properties.


You will get this:


The third way to gain even more system information is to access the systeminfo.exe tool. All you have to do is left-click on Start, go over to your Run button (if you don’t see a Run button, click here to learn how to get it back), and left-click on it, to have your Run box pop up.


Then, in the Run box that has popped up, type in systeminfo.exe. (By the way, the screen shot shows a capital S; you don’t have to capitalize it if you don’t want to.)


After you click on OK, the black box below will pop up, and give you all kinds of additional system information that you may want to check out (even more than the first two screens). Try and be patient and let it load (mine took a while).


The very last way to get the summary of everything that’s going on in your system is to do exactly what you did the last time, except this time type in msinfo32.exe.


This is the kind of system information you will get:


Well, Dolores, you wanted information about your computer and you got it! I think this will keep you going for awhile. I hope it doesn’t overwhelm you too much; I just wanted you to have a way to look up any system information that you would like! Keep this article handy and when you need to know something about your computer, you will surely find it here!

Thanks for writing, Dolores!

~ Lori Cline

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